BonnePresse is a boutique PR and communications agency founded by a trio of professional journalists in Milan in February 2015.

BonnePresse provides a broad range of digital and traditional communications services. Marianna Corte, Carlotta Dazzi and Gaia Grassi’s backgrounds mean that the studio’s work initially focused primarily on food, maritime, design and lifestyle-related areas. Three years on from the foundation of BonnePresse, however, our range of interests has broadened considerably to embrace art, culture, economics and social media also.
The studio’s media skills also extend well beyond print. Aside from its traditional press office services, BonnePresse also offers web content and social media management. Content aside, BonnePresse has honed its event management skills, creating and organising a string of special projects. The three partners have extensive experience in the publishing and editorial fields, where working to tight deadlines in high-pressure situations that demand superb problem-solving and communications skills, is the norm. This background means that flexibility and versatility are a signature of the BonnePress approach.


Putting our experience to work for you

We are three professional journalists who set up BonnePresse after two decades in the editorial and publishing sector. Our goal is to provide our clients with a genuinely different kind of communications service.

All three of us bring very different backgrounds to the table: food, yachting, sailing, sport, design and lifestyle.
We have used that experience and our communications expertise to hone our skills in culture, art, economics, finance and the third sector.

Marianna Corte
Marianna holds a degree in the Philosophy of Science from The University of Milan. A journalist by profession, she spent over 15 years working on monthly magazine editorial teams, writing on lifestyle, men’s fashion and gastronomic culture, the latter being a personal passion since the late 1990s.
In BonnePresse, Marianna deals with press office provision, public relations and special projects creation.

Carlotta Dazzi
A professional journalist and expert yachtswoman, Carlotta has written for the leading Italian yachting publications, focusing mainly on offshore and general sailing. She wrote for the bilingual Yacht Capital magazine for two decades and also headed its racing department. She has extensive newsroom experience and was a correspondent at the leading international offshore races.
In BonnePresse, Carlotta works in the areas of press office provision, editing and web content.

Gaia Grassi
Gaia holds a degree in Modern Literature from The University of Milan. A journalist by profession, she was part of Yacht Design magazine’s editorial staff for 15 years and also coordinated the editorial teams for the bilingual cruising magazine Crociere as well as Yachtsman, writing on design, lifestyle, fashion, food and wellbeing.
In BonnePresse, Gaia is involved in press office provision, web content generation and social media management.


Consistency, flexibility and creativity are the core values that inspire our work

Our approach to communications focuses on the values we hold dear: flexibility, awareness and consistency.
Creativity, precision, kindness and intuition are our starting points in defining each new project.
We also work with a network of highly experienced photographers, graphic artists, video-makers, illustrators, copywriters, web designers and mother-tongue translators. These are invaluable in helping us provide our clients with the best service possible and optimising their investments and resources.

BonnePresse also creates SEO-targeted texts and contents for websites and social media.

BonnePresse provides a press office and PR service for companies, associations, individuals and special events, working closely with clients on creating both formats and content.
BonnePresse also helps institutions, government bodies, private individuals and not-for-profit organisations broaden their scope and appeal through cultural and social projects.
BonnePresse crafts concepts and organises events for both businesses and organisations wanting to efficiently boost their visibility.
BonnePresse also designs, organises and promotes its own BonnePress-branded special initiatives and events, dealing with all aspects involved in the latter.

Content Design
BonnePresse prepares texts and content spanning the entire spectrum from introductions to catalogues, company profiles, brochures and targeted communications materials for special events and initiatives. We also offer editing and speech support services.
Web content is another area of BonnePresse expertise: we can both write content for new sites and hone texts for existing sites, once again with SEO as a focus.
BonnePresse delivers social media management services and works with clients to develop content marketing and social content strategies. This produces content for institutions, businesses, associations and private profiles tailored specifically for different social media channels.

Press Office
BonnePresse provides press agent and press office services to businesses, associations and government institutions. We produce press releases crafted for national and local media, including web publications and blogs. Our editorial and publishing backgrounds also mean that we have a broad network of contacts in the media. As a result, we not only have our finger on the pulse but can also act quickly and efficiently.
BonnePresse also fosters contact and dialogue between institutions, businesses, private individuals and not-for-profit organisations to optimise their impact through communications strategies and cultural and social projects.

BonnePresse generates creative ideas and organises events for associations, bodies, companies and individual private clients. We focus our creativity, versatility and problem-solving expertise on efficiently raising the profile and visibility of said clients.
BonnePresse can deliver all aspects of the organisational, promotional and communications process, including sourcing sponsors and partnerships.

We also work off our own bat to design, organise and promote special BonnePressebranded initiatives and events, providing all of the communications back-up for the latter also.


BonnePresse is based in Milan and has its legal headquarters at Via Procaccini 44.
We work right across Italy, however.